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ARPwave offers accelerated injury recovery in Boston. If you’ve recently been injured in a sports, work, or home related accident that’s left you in acute or chronic pain, our licensed physical therapist can help you recover from your injury. We are here to help you heal your back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, wrist and elbow pain so that you can live the active lifestyle you’re accustomed to living. Best of all, our treatment options are minimally invasive. In fact, most of our patients seek our services to avoid surgery and reduce their reliance on pain medications.

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ARPwave Therapy in Boston

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance, and it is one of our treatment options to help athletes and individuals recovery from sports, work, and accidental injuries. ARPwave Therapy utilizes low voltage electrical current and physical therapy to relieve pain, improve range of motion, and heal various injuries.

ARPwave Therapy can help athletes and individuals recover from certain types of muscle, ligament, and joint injuries. This treatment works by helping to re-educate muscles. It helps alleviate muscles spasms and increase blood flow to injured areas, which speeds the body’s natural ability to heal itself. ARP also helps prevent the atrophy of muscles from disuse, and it allows patients to maintain and increase their range of motion. The device can also be combined with physical therapy exercises to locate the exact area of the injury and stimulate healing for a fast injury recovery.

Accelerated Injury Recovery

Along with our ARPwave Therapy treatment, we offer physical therapy for accelerated injury recovery. Chad Zannotti, MSPT, CSCS has spent more than 13 years practicing physical therapy for patients of all ages and is a licensed physical therapist. He understands that healing an injury requires a total-body approach that includes strength training and cardio exercises along with electro-wave therapy.

Physical therapy is the process of utilizing certain exercises in a specific order with a certain frequency to increase strength, stamina, and range of motion. Our physical therapist will show you the exercises in our office and help you perform the exercises during your sessions. After the sessions, you will be given a list of exercises and instructions on how and when to perform the exercises at home. By combining in-office therapy with at-home therapy and ARPwave Therapy, fast injury recover is possible.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, weight lifter, avid fitness enthusiast, or weekend warrior, we can help you recover from your acute and chronic pain and injuries with our comprehensive treatment options.

If you’re looking for fast injury recovery that does not utilize surgery, please call our office to schedule an initial appointment. We offer extended hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. so that we can accommodate your hectic work and family schedules.

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